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My first client was someone I knew for a very long time.  She gradually stopped opening her mail and paying her bills on time.  She had the money, she just didn't want to deal with any of those responsibilities anymore.  I offered my help, services and expertise, then continued to do so for two years until she moved out of state.   

I'm here to help you get your financial life in order.  I provide my services to you in your home, so your records don't have to be moved.  If you prefer to have the work done outside your home, 

then returned to you, that's okay too.  I can adapt my services to your situation.   It's all about your comfort level and your needs.   

My one-on-one services are geared toward individuals, rather than companies.  I enjoy helping people and I love the work I do.  You may not have the time, the patience or the ability to manage your money.  My goal is to relieve any related stress you may have in this area of your life and to bring you peace of mind.





to Get Your Finances Organized


through your mail, bills and receipts.  Separate them and place them in chronological order.


posted transactions match your receipts and account activity.  Verify the amounts are correct and there are no duplicates.


your checkbook and other accounts so you know the exact amount of money you have and the amount(s) you may owe.


your bank statement(s) against your records.  Compare them and resolve any differences between the two.


your bill payments for you.  Either by check or online - then you just sign or click!


a working budget for you.  Itemize expenses and income in order to evaluate your finances and help you control your money. 

Set Up

a filing system for your records.  This can be either paper files or computer files.

and more...



Doing What Comes Naturally

I grew up keeping track of my own money, down to the penny.  I was able to spend wisely and save a large nest egg.  I have always been organized, focused and I keep meticulous records. 

I invest 110% in the work I do and take pride in a job well done.  

Hands-on Experience

I learned bookkeeping the old fashioned way - with pencil and

paper.  I was given a few lessons, to fill in for a Bookkeeper, then I was on my way!  I use my analytical skills and aptitude for numbers to ensure accounts are accurate and balanced. 

One-Time or Maintenance

I provide my services on an hourly basis.  This can be one-time or maintenance, based on what your needs are.  With your financial records up-to-date you can keep track of your money, work towards getting out of debt, and save for the future.  

I am bonded; in addition, I will provide you with a counter-signed Confidentiality Agreement.




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